Accidents at work and occupational diseases are neither predetermined nor unavoidable, they always have causes. While there is no way to completely eliminate accidents, there are certain plans, preparations, and actions that can be taken to reduce them.

The International Vision Zero Conference intends to inculcate a strong prevention culture, whereby work-related accidents, harm, and occupational diseases are eliminated and prevented through the transformation approach that integrates the three dimensions of Safety Health and Well-being at all levels of work.

The Conference has adopted the flexibility concept that adjusts to specific Safety, Health and Well-being beneficial to any workplace, enterprise or industry in all regions of the world, whereby new trends, procedures and experiences would be presented.


The International Vision Zero Conference 2020 has been designed to bring together a wide spectrum of stakeholders for a two days mind stimulating sessions on issues that bother on Safety, Health and Wellbeing of employees and employers in Construction sector and related industries.

Issues abound within these sectors and the need to bring global experts together for intense discussions capable of walking us from problems into solutions became a huge priority.

As you may already be aware of from the OSHA report, the leading causes of private sector worker death (excluding highway collision) in the construction industry were falls. Other reports say 1 in 10 construction workers get injured annually. Considering the number of workers and categories of people employed in the construction and related sectors as Mining, Gas, Electricity, Transportation, Information, Water and others, the need to plan a conference that speaks to their needs became necessary in addressing some of those challenges.


This is a maiden edition of this conference in Africa and the idea behind this is to see this conference holds every two years across different cities within the African continent. The conference will serve as a platform for bringing all stakeholders together from construction and related sectors to discuss health, Safety and wellness issues within this sector while measuring the level of improvement in our every two years gathering.

  • To bring together all Professionals, Captains of Industries and Stakeholders as well as service providers and exhibitors in Africa and the world under one roof with the primary aim of creating maximum awareness and benefits of implementing safety measures in various economy.
  • To provide a platform for the development of knowledge and strategic practical ideas that can be immediately put into use.
  • To advance the technical know-how of operators in the field and apply relevant current innovative technologies in safety delivery and performance.
  • To provide continental networking opportunities with the authorities, international organizations and top industry players.
  • To position a SAFE operating environment as the powerful driver of economic development.
  • To reinforce, build networks and alliances while laying the groundwork for cooperation and strengthening relationships among all concerned.


This conference has been planned to accommodate a very diverse audience and speakers’ capacity as policy makers and regulators, key operators, sector investors and financiers, service users and clients, contractors and sub- contractors, sector technology experts, insurers, design and structural Engineers, Health and Safety professionals, equipment manufacturers and leasing companies, students and others.


Total Workplace Safety

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OSHAfrica is a Pan African Occupational Safety and Health not-for-profit OSH Professional Association that bring together all experts of African origin within the fields of Occupational Safety and Health.


The DGUV (German Social Accident Insurance) is the umbrella association of the accident insurance institutions for the industrial and public sectors (the BGs and the public-sector accident insurers respectively)


Occupational Health and Safety Managers (OHSM), is proudly a Nigerian company dedicated to providing the most complete Occupational Health and Safety services in all Nigerian workplaces, communities and settlements.