The objectives of the International Section of the ISSA for Electricity, Gas and Water are the:

  • Reduction of the number of electrical accidents.
  • Improvement of electrical safety standards at work.
  • Achievement of good safety and health practices in the electricity, gas and water supply industries and in electrical installation workshops.

These are the Section´s principal objectives, which it endeavours to achieve through close cooperation with its members from various European and overseas countries. The Section´s original objective was restricted to the prevention of occupational risks due to electricity. In later years, its scope was extended to other sources of energy such as gas, water and long-distance heating. A special task within its scope is radiation protection.The defined objective of the Section is:

  • To engage, at the international level, in activities designed to promote safety in the generation and distribution of electricity, gas and long-distance heating, as well as safety at work in public water utilities and in the use of electricity and gas in industry.

What means of action does the Section for Electricity, Gas and Water use to achieve its objectives?In pursuit of the above stated objective, the Section:

  • Encourages the international exchange of information and experience among its members, organizations and persons interested in the Section´s activities, particularly by
  • Organization of international meetings
  • Undertaking surveys and studies in special working groups
  • Collecting and disseminating information on electrical safety issues and latest findings relevant to safety improvements.

How does the Section for Electricity, Gas and Water respond to new developments and needs? Due to its expertise, the Section is able to identify new problem areas resulting from new developments and changes in technology in good time. It thus constantly adapts its scope to new requirements and challenges. Originally, the Section´s activities concentrated mainly on conventional electrical risks such as electric shock and arcing. Then it gradually extended its interest to other fields such as electromagnetic fields and ionising and non-ionising radiation.

      • OSH politics
      • Safety and health
      • Social security
      • Recommendations
      • Advice and good practice
      • Information and cooperation

      The ISSA Mining Section aims to foster and improve social security in mining by means of worldwide cooperation, particularly in the field of prevention. The ISSA Mining Section aims to achieve worldwide acceptable working, OSH and social conditions in large mining enterprises as well as for SME quarries or small scale extractive industries by influencing OSH politics on a global level, creating recommendations and promoting the transfer of the best solutions and good practice.The ISSA Mining Section aims to protect miners from accidents and damage to their health.The ISSA Mining Section supports employers and managers in fulfilling their responsibility of taking the necessary preventative measures.The ISSA Mining Section cooperates with governments, ministries, insurance funds, non-profit organisations, employer associations, unions, manufacturers of machinery and all bodies and experts interested in the relevant field.Following these aims, the ISSA Mining Section takes care of the health and social welfare of all miners and their families, and also supports the economic performance and the public image of the mining industry worldwide.


Member of the Board of the German Social Accident Insurance Institution for the raw materials and chemical industry (BG RCI).

Secretary General

Helmut Ehnes